One of the most common questions I get is that the Shopping Cart Trick is not working for them.  So, I created a real quick video to give you some tips on how to increase your chances of getting it to work.  It’s not 100% guaranteed to work but there might be some things you’ve overlooked.

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Last night, if you joined our “credit cult” then you got first dibs on this newly discovered shopping cart trick store.

The ONLY way to find out more about it is to check out the video of me doing a LIVE demo on how I got pre-approved for the card!


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The Credit Cult for Shopping Cart Trick got first dibs of the new last night (sign up above to be in the know first.) But, here it is…A new shopping cart trick site has been discovered! Only way to find out about it is to click on the video below.


It’s also a good time to mention, we have a new YouTube page as well!

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It’s that time of year again, it’s Tax Season! We actually look forward to the mail man showing up with w-2, 1099s and all sorts of other tax forms.  For some, this is actually a pain because you might end up owing the Government.  But, for the 80% of the 143 million tax filers, they were due a refund.

There are 3 things, when it comes to tax refunds is that they are as big as possible, to arrive safely and fast. But for some, 2 of those things are not going to be possible…

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“Today we have a guest post from a good friend of mine and a expert in the bank fraud arena, Edward Cornelison.  Edward has worked for some of the biggest banks in the world as a line of defense against those who attempt to defraud consumers and the financial institutions. If you want to know more about him, check him out on LinkedIn


A little about me before I begin. I’ve been working in the corporate security industry for nearly 5 years. I’ve done merchant fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, loan fraud, check fraud, and compromised accounts. I’ve seen quite a lot in my time working in fraud and I’ll be sharing some advice so that you don’t become a victim and what to do if you are.


First off, here’s the truth. Despite what any identity theft company may say there’s no 100% way to protect yourself from fraud. There are ways to lower it, but it can never be fully prevented. When talking about credit card fraud or debit card fraud it typically happens by someone you don’t know. I look at those situations like a tornado, it comes in, does it’s damage, and it’s gone. What I mean by that is these thieves know that every credit card company and bank have automatic safeguards. So if you go out of your normal spending pattern it picks up on it and blocks the card. Most thieves are just amateurs so they just move onto the next card. Some may try to pretend to be you and call in to unblock it but we’ll touch on that later.

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In case you didn’t know.  The Shopping Cart Trick has it’s own Facebook Page!  In addition, we also have a kick ass new logo!  Check out our new Facebook page right now!

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What Lies In Your Debt: An Honest Review






What Lies In Your Debt Review

What Lies In Your Debt is a strategic plan of action that helps individuals legally avoid debt collection harassment, foreclosure and the consequences of bad credit rating that usually comes with it. It has been around for several years now and has helped a number of people with their debt problems. It features

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I Will Teach You To Be Rich

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I first came across the author, Ramit Sethi, from another author I enjoy Tim Ferriss. Tim was running a contest that if you purchased his book, The Four Hour Body than you would get some free perks.  One of those free perks was a course taught by Ramit Sethi on how to find a profitable idea that you can use to freelance extra money.


Most of the personal finance gurus that are out there teach frugality, like “don’t go to starbucks every morning.  Make coffee at home and take the saving and put it in the bank.”  While frugality has its place, it is not for everybody.  Ramit’s book I will teach you to be rich is not one of those books.

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Brand New Site

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One of the New Years Resolutions I made this is year is I want to make the Shopping Cart Trick site better.  I want to take it from just a site with a list of shopping cart trick stores to a community.  I sent out an email to the credit cult (if you want to join, sign up at the box above) asking their opinion on what would be helpful. (In addition, cult members get info on new Shopping Cart Trick stores as well as other cool things.)

The Cult was more than helpful and one of the things I implemented is a new look. After a few cups of Bulletproof Coffee, we have a new look! The new site sports a much cleaner design, its much brighter and it looks great on mobile devices.

In addition, one of the other cult demands (wait…the cult is demanding the leader?) is more content on other credit topics.  So, topics like credit and ID fraud, rebuilding credit and a host of others will be added.  As well as Cult members personal credit journeys.

I’ve also partnered with Amazon and we have created a new Bookstore.  This will carry a wide arrange of credit and personal finance related books.  We are just starting out with a few books but will add more as we continue on.

Please keep checking out the site for other items that will be coming along soon. 2015 is going to be a good year, as long as you have a vision, a plan and some action.  Things can happen!


 If you would like to share a personal credit journey or maybe a guest post to a topic related to credit.  Click on “Contact Us” down at the bottom of the page and put in the subject of “Guest Post” or “Credit journey”


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I get a lot of emails from people who love the Shopping Cart Trick blog.  I just wanted to share a few of the comments I have received from people who have used the Shopping Cart Trick blog to help get credit!


“Thanks for your great blog and info. This is a gold mine for people like people trying to re-establish my credit!!” Sandra


“Thanks so much for your shopping cart trick blog!! Keep up the good work!!” – LD




I really do enjoy all the positive feedback for our Shopping Cart Trick blog.  It is a labor of love and I’m just sharing what has worked for me with the rest of the world.  If the shopping cart trick blog has worked for you.  Please shoot me an email using the “contact us” link.

We also have some more stuff in the works for you guys.  So, stay turned to the shopping cart trick blog!



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