Online Store List that use the Shopping Card Trick.


Here is a running list of places that use the shopping cart trick (New items added. We’ve also stickied the post as it’s out most popular post and most updated.):

1) Click on the link to go to the sites
2) Add something to your cart
3) Check out (I haven’t heard either way that it’s best to check out as “guest” or actually signing up. I recommend signing up)
4) Once you get to the billing screen, you should receive a Pop-Up for Pre-Approved Credit!
5) Type in the last 3 digits of your social security number



From there once you click the button to get the pre-approved credit. You can either close the window, shop or continue checking out. I do recommend putting something on the credit card. Reason being is that 35% of your credit score is payment history. So, buying something and then paying it down helps build that positive history.

Online Store
Type of Card
Issuing Bank
Soft Pull on Equifax, Transunion or Experian
King Size DirectStore CardComenityn/a
Jessica LondonStore CardComenityn/a
One Stop PlusStore CardComenityn/a
Woman WithinStore CardComenityn/a
Caesar's Total RewardsVisaComenityn/a
J. CrewStore CardComenityn/a
Victoria's SecretStore CareComenityn/a
ExpressStore CardComenityn/a
Wal-MartStore Card or DiscoverGEn/a
BuckleStore CardComenityn/a
Fuel Rewards NetworkMastercardComenityn/a
Brylane HomesStore CardComenityn/a
Ann TaylorStore Card or MastercardComenityn/a
My PointsVisa Comenityn/a
Coldwater CreekMastercard Comenityn/a
Kirkland'sStore Card Wells-Fargon/a
MotorollaStore CardComenityn/a
DilliardsStore Card and American ExpressGEn/a
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GE Capital Retail Bank ( GECRB ) is changing its name!

While this maybe old new to some.  GE Capital Retail Bank GECRB is changing its name to synchrony.  Most of you who check your credit reports daily (like myself) have noticed my Amazon and Walmart card change over to the new name.


Synchrony will be the largest credit card issuer of retail private labeled credit cards.


One thing we hope here at Shopping Cart Trick is they get on board with Comenity and do more shopping cart sites.   It has been reported that Wal-Mart (For The store card or their Discover) just recently  Dilliards (Store Card or American Express) have been using the shopping cart trick.  This will be huge for people who are rebuilding or already have established credit and do not want to take a hard pull to their reports.



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We need confirmation!

Hey all!


We are getting conflicting info that PacSun has the shopping cart trick enabled.  We need verification.  This is how you can help us help you!


1) Click here to go to PacSun

2) Add something to your cart

3) Fill out shipping and billing info

4) See if you get a pop-up

5) Click here to tell us if it worked or not


Now if you get a pop up, you don’t have to buy anything (unless you want to!) but we do ask that you give us the feed back on if it work.

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Want $50 bucks?

Hey all shopping cart trick viewers!


I just wanted to let you know of a cool offer Discover Card has.  If you apply and get a Discover Card, you get $50 bucks in cash back bonus!  I will admit, I get $50 dollars in cash back bonus as well.  It’s a win-win for everybody!


Get $50 in Cash Back Bonus from Discover Card!


Just so you know, this is not a “Shopping cart trick.”  It will require a formal credit application, thus a hard pull on your credit report.  And you can’t already have a Discover card.  And you also have to use the card within 3 months.  But, cool thing is once you have it, you can do the $50 dollars in cash back bonus with your friends as well!


Get $50 in Cash Back Bonus from Discover Card!


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Tricks to get the shopping cart trick to work

While there is no textbook answer on how to get the shopping cart trick to pull up a pre-approved credit card offer for you.  There are some tricks that might help in your journey.




- Turn off pop-up blockers

- Make sure the info you are putting into the “billing” section matches what is on your credit report.

- Try different browsers. If it doesn’t work in one, say Internet Explorer open up firefox and try the same thing again

- Clean out cache, cookies and temporary internet files.

While doing these tips, they may help trigger the shopping cart trick. They are not a guarentee. But when you are rebuilding your credit, any little thing helps.  And the shopping cart trick is one of the best ways to rebuild your credit without applying for cars. Those inquires can knock you down a few points on your credit score.

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The Other Shopping Cart Trick

Coupon Pile Stock Photo

While this site is meant specifically to get pre-approved credit cards via the shopping cart trick. There is also another “shopping cart trick” to get coupons.

Certain retailers that you sign up for, if you leave something in your shopping cart will usually send you an email reminder. Usually in the e-mail reminder there will be a coupon in it! We have heard anywhere from 5-25 percent off.

How long does it take to get this coupon? It varies. I’ve heard some places offer it 30 minutes after you left their site up then up to 24 hours after you left. So, your results may vary.

It’s a pretty simple procedure to using the other shopping cart trick.

1) Add your items to your card.

2) Go to checkout and sign up with your information (or Login if you have previously signed up.)

3) Leave the items in your cart and go to a different site.

4) Check your emails.

Again it could be 30 minutes to 24 hours before you actually get an email from the retailer telling you you left something in the shopping cart. But, for the extra savings is well worth the wait!

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What is the Shopping Cart Trick?

The Shopping Cart trick is when you go to checkout at certain online website, you will get a pre approval pop-up for a credit card. Some of the credit cards are just store cards. Cards that can only be used with that company. So, offer VISA or Mastercard cards that you can use ANYWHERE.

You might be asking, why would I want this? If you are rebuilding your credit, its a good way to get a few cards without actually having to apply for them.

What happens is when you go to check out, when you fill out your billing information. The site will check a database to see if you meet certain criteria. And if you do, you will get a pre-approval notice! Of course you can always decline it if you do not need another credit card.

The other benefit, as I mentioned before is that you do not have to apply for the card. When you apply for a credit card, it does what is a called a “hard pull.” Just 1 one these hard pulls can ding your score down 1-3 points. And if you apply at different places all those hard pulls will add up.

With the Shopping Cart Trick, is does a “soft pull” meaning it still sees your credit report but only certain information. And it does not list as a hard pull on your credit report. Thus, you do not have to worry about taking a credit score hit with a soft pull.

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